The museum

An immersion into the heart of 20th century history. A century marked by the World War II, a conflict that resulted in the death of 60 million soldiers and civilians. A century of major geopolitical upheavals, marked by Europe’s determination to preserve peace.

The World War II

This section plunges you into the heart of the Second World War, exploring the causes, the consequences, the key players, and the decisive battles.


The D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy

This section explains the decisive military operation that enabled the Allied forces to successfully land on the beaches of Normandy, significantly contributing to the defeat of the Nazi forces in Europe.


General Richter’s underground bunker

Located under the Memorial Museum, the former command post of the German general Wilhelm Richter played a crucial role during the first decisive weeks of the Battle of Normandy.


Europe Our History

A brand new visual and audio experience to understand our share European history. A 19-minute 360° film: exciting, impressive, and innovative!


The Cold War

This section takes you behind the scenes to discover the international tensions, the arms race, the propaganda, and the key events that shaped our world today.


Mémorial de Caen