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The immersive experience
  • Museum entry

Visit the museum at your own pace.

  • Museum entry and audioguide

Equipped with audioguides, enjoy a comfortable and quality visit.

  • Guided tour

Benefit from our guided visit, and learn more about World War II.

Restaurant "les pommiers"
  • Visit of the museum and lunch included

A minimum of 20 people is required. 180 seats available.

2 sittings: 11.30 am and 1.30 pm

“Freedom” menu

Included in the day package | entry to the Museum + lunch: €39.50 per person | lunch only: €26.70 per person.
Same choice of dishes (appetizer, hot entree and dessert) for the whole group.

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Choice of appetizers

– Cod and sea bream pâté on toast (cod, sea bream, shallots, cream of tartar, herbs, lime)
– Norman salad (mixed salad greens, tomatoes, cured ham, apples, Camembert cheese on toast)

  • Choice of entrees

– Cod loin in Choron sauce, vegetables
– Corn-fed chicken supreme, Pommeau sauce, gratin Dauphinois, green beans

  • Choice of desserts

– Chocolate melt, custard, Chantilly cream
– Vallée d’Auge apple tart

  • Beverages

– Still and sparkling mineral water
– White Sauvignon wine *
– “Les Loges” red Bordeaux wine *
– Normandy cider *

  • Coffee buffet

* The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, consume in moderation.


Pointe du Hoc

Normandy landing beaches tour

Package: Museum entry + lunch + guided tour of the D-Day Landing beaches

A whole day to discover the Caen Mémorial museum and the major Landing sites! A tour guide, trained by our historians, will accompany your bus for a five-hour tour starting from the Mémorial (guide dropped off at the museum after the bus tour.)

  • Normandy landing beaches tour program:

– Morning: visit the Caen Mémorial museum
– Lunch: at “Les Pommiers” restaurant
– Afternoon: guided tour of the D-Day Landing beaches – Visit Normandy Beaches (5h)

  • Sites visited:

– Pointe du Hoc: on June 6th 1944 at 7:11 am, the 225 men of Lieutenant colonel James Rudder’s 2nd Rangers batallion landed on the shingle shore at the bottom of the cliff.
– Omaha Beach: also called “Bloody Omaha”, there the allies suffered the highest number of casualties. The 5th army corps of the general Gerow was chosen to land there.
– Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer: this 70-hectare site was granted for life by France to the United States. It shelters the bodies of the Americans soldiers who died during the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy. 9 387 white marble gravestones are perfectly aligned on the field overlooking Omaha beach.
– “The 100 Days of the Battle of Normandy”: film projection at Arromanches 360 circular cinema.

Arromanches 360 circular cinema

Freedom Day

Package: guided visit of the Museum + lunch + 360° film in the Arromanches circular cinema

Relive the story of the day that transformed the 20th century: after a guided visit of the Memorial Museum, watch the film “The 100 Days of the Battle of Normandy” in the Arromanches 360° circular cinema.

  • Freedom Day program:

– Morning: tour of the Caen Memorial Museum.
– Lunch: at the Museum’s “Les Pommiers” restaurant.
– Afternoon: screening of the film “The 100 Days of the Battle of Normandy” in the Arromanches 360 circular cinema.

Information and booking

Booking service

+33 (0)2 31 06 06 45
Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.


Mémorial de Caen
Adult groups brochure 2024

Adult groups brochure 2024

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