The world after 9/11

In 2008, the Caen Memorial Museum, in partnership with the New York State Museum, presented the first exhibition in Europe dedicated to 9/11. This exhibition drew more than 100,000 visitors.

For the 20th anniversary of this attack on the U.S soil, we wanted to tell our visitors that our contemporary world sadly remains that of 9/11. Hence the title “The World of 9/11”.

The reaction to this unprecedented attack by Al-Qaeda and the American response that followed triggered new wars in Afghanistan and the spread of the jihad.

The curators of this exhibition are Stéphane Grimadi, CEO of the Caen Memorial Museum and Rémy Ourdan, War correspondent for the French daily newspaper Le Monde.

The work of journalists, photographers, reporters and historians has helped create this exhibition and explain how the world suddenly changed.

The exhibition is divided into 7 major chapters that recount the consequences of the 9/11 attacks over the last two decades:

  • Chapter 1: The 9/11
  • Chapter 2: Jihad’s world
  • Chapter 3: The war in Afghanistan
  • Chapter 4: The war in Irak
  • Chapter 5: France at war
  • Chapter 6: US at war
  • Conclusion: An “endless war ?”


Mémorial de Caen
Exhibition press kit (french)

Exhibition press kit (french)

Mémorial de Caen